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Assembly Bill 1817 designates the last two full weeks in April and September each year as High School Voter Education Weeks to promote civic education and foster an environment that encourages voting. Encouraging voter registration and increasing participation in all elections by all eligible Californians strengthens our democracy.


Young people can play a critical role in our democracy by helping to choose the people who will lead us and by voicing their opinions on the issues that are important to them. 


According to the US Census Bureau, millennials will outnumber baby boomers in the 2020 election, but they are also the lowest ranking age group for eligible voter turnout. Research also demonstrates that adverse factors, such as dropping out of high school are a further reduction in voter participation.


To meet this need, we created a voter education campaign driven by professional development for teachers and targeting young adults to increase voter turnout. To support this campaign, we are partnering with the community, registrar of voters and others, to visit high schools throughout Santa Clara and register and pre-register young voters.


Help us meet our goal and put a registration drive in every high school in the County during High School Voter Education Weeks.


We will hold an orientation meeting to provide support for our volunteers at a future date.

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